Important information for new Southwest passengers


If you have never flown Southwest Airlines you can expect some benefits and service. Don’t worry, the benefits and services are great! The Southwest is one of the top airlines and has always been for providing excellent services and great value. So, if you have never been to SWA there are a few things you should know.


Important facts and information in the southwest


No fees are payable for audited funds

Most major airlines charge you from $ 15 to $ 25 per bag. Usually, there is a lower price for your boxing bag and higher prices for a second bag. Interestingly, Southwest allows you to check your luggage free of charge. Given this, when it comes to costs there is no doubt that Southwest is one of the leaders in the industry. In a family of five you can easily expect to save two hundred dollars if each passenger takes a few bags on the plane.


There is no charge for airline cancellations or bookkeeping


And you can expect to pay anywhere from $ 50 to $ 200 to refund or cancel a flight. Not so with the Southwest.


They help ensure that you get the lowest price on the plane you buy. Suppose you buy a ticket from Houston to Phoenix. That ticket can cost you $ 134. However, you will later get the same flight for $ 89. The Southwest will allow you to change your most expensive flight to a cheaper ticket. All you have to do is go online (if you bought your ticket online) and cancel your first flight and book on a cheap flight (or change your trip to a cheaper airline). When you are done you will have a price difference in the form of a Southwest credit. So, you will still have tickets, but you will also have $ 45.00 headed for your next flight. That debt must be use within a year of purchase.


With this policy you can change, cancel and book flights without worrying about the financial costs.


Choose Your Own Seat When In Flight


If you are flying Southwest you will not be given a place on the plane. Most airlines offer you a ride with something like 12C. Inste, in the southwest, you will be given a letter and number of the boarding party. The A’s (with numbers starting at 1) assemble the planes on the plane first followed by group B and then C. When each group boards a plane they are invited to take a seat in the empty seat.


When you fly with a group


This can be a bad thing when you fly with a group. The best option is to look online 24 hours for advice. You are given your boarding pass and number base on your early entry on your flight. Since you can go online 24 hours in advance you should get a Group A ride. If you are in Group A you should not have any problems with sitting together as a team.

If you travel as a small family with small children or infants you will be allow to board the plane once group A has finish boarding. When you arrive at the gate simply identify yourself as the gate agent and you will be given details.


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