How to Reduce Risk When Traveling Abroad variety of reasons


Risk whether you are a first-time traveler or a regular traveler travel safety comes first to you. Risk For some people traveling overseas is a Risk part of their office work. They are expos to danger whenever Risk they go on a trip overseas.


People traveling overseas for a Risk variety of reasons, such as:


Attending business meetings / conferences / discussions,

Present lesson papers / lectures,

Participate in trade trips / exhibitions / cultural shows,

Sign agreements  memoranda of understanding (MOUs),

Collecting material for articles or books,

Participate in student exchange programs,

Perform Hajj or Umrah, etc.


The author, being a regular traveler, tries to write down as many types of Risk dangers as possible for an overseas traveler. It can be divide into five categories, Risk namely early preparation; at the airport; while in the world of personal safety; hotel security; and return trips.


Travelers should keep in mind that security measures are in place Risk at airports and hotels and should therefore learn to take precautionary measures in their travels. Risk Readers should also note that the ideas present here are not exhaustive, intended only for use as a guide, and safety travel tips Risk from other sources should also be consider.


Preparation in advance Risk


Based on the author’s own experience, there are not many risks involved here without careful preparation. These usually include passport; two flight bookings; hotel reservations; hold the visa requirement of the country; money; any vaccinations required; and travel insurance.

Passport is consider your life. And it is the text that is most often used wherever you go. Used for visa application, airport check-in counter, immigration, and cultural calculators, hotel check-in counter, traveler checks (if required), etc.




Packing, it’s a personal preference. However, the golden rule you have to follow – a constant light. Small thieves and pockets like to exploit or rob tired travelers who are burden with heavy loads. Some safety precautions when packing: lift your load yourself; lock your luggage, so that nothing can be put in or taken out; use visually appealing loads, (a designer, impression, or expensive-looking load attracts snatcher attention); use the luggage tag and insert one into the load; remove old airline tags; and carry appropriate clothing.

For those who have a notebook, always check the type of plug the host country is using – be it three British deputies, two European depots with a two-pin, two American depot flats or more. If in doubt, bring an international adapter. To avoid attracting attention, travelers are encouraged to place their paper books in non-stationary bags.

appropriate medications

You may want to bring appropriate medications for common ailments, such as colds, diarrhea, coughs, colds, etc. Final reminder, do not carry sharp objects, flammable materials and enter the airport at least 3 hours before departure.

It is to your advantage if your organization has a local network to take care of you while you are in the host country.


At the airport


Business travelers should know the following safety and security measures: stop handling luggage or packages of others; never leave your luggage unattended at an airport, even in a seemingly safe place, e.g. Gold living room; always carry your cabinet luggage when you get off the plane during a stop or flight; avoid talking about your office work, travel purpose, place of residence, travel, etc. with strangers. If you need to put down your load, put it between your legs.


While in the world of personal safety


After completing all the descent procedures, the first thing to do is to wait for the load to enter, if any. Luggage is usually available immediately after the evacuation counter. When collecting luggage, check carefully for signs that it is being Tampere with. An airport operator may have tried to disrupt passengers’ luggage, perhaps randomly. If this happens to your luggage, report it to the security desk immediately.

It is a good idea to change some currency into local currency. You may need to pay for a taxi fare from the airport to the hotel with local fare. In some areas, however, you can use the services of one of the reputable taxi company computers, and the fee is charged in your hotel bill.




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